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Documents and Resources


Arnis Canada By-Laws.

Code of Conduct.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy.

Gender Equity Policy.

Transgender Policy.

Charitable Donation Policy.

Discipline Policy.

Appeal Policy.

Social Media Policy.

Official Language Policy.

Personal Coach Policy.

Selections and National Team

High Performance Nomination Policy.

Arnis Canada Points System.

Medical forms

Declaration of non-pregnancy (18 years old and over).

Declaration of non-pregnancy (under 18 years old).

Pre-Bout Medical Questionnaire (Women).

Pre-Bout Medical Questionnaire (Men).

High-performance resources.

High Performance Training Centre - Operational Document.

High Performance Advisory Group.


Coach Evaluation Request Form.

Event Publication Form.

Final Membership Form.

International Travel Permit.

Medical Form.

Concussion protocols.

COPSI (Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute) Network Concussion Guidelines.

SCAT (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool) 5.

Child - SCAT 5 (5 - 12 years old).

Concussion Protocol.

How to Manage Energy After a Concussion.

Medical Assessment Letter.

Medical Clearance Letter.

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool.

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