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Our Story


My visit and martial arts journey in Ontario and Canada goes back since 1973. I was travelling as Yogic
martial arts monk and a Regional Secretary for Ananda Marga Yoga Society. I travelled and visited
Western and Eastern Canada going to different martial arts gyms teaching Martial arts and Yoga,
meditation. It was in Subduary, Ontario Invitational Karate Tournament I was sponsored by Kai shin
Karate studios to compete in Kata and Kumite competition winning 1rst place in Kata and lightweight
Kumite division. During this time Arnis is unheard off. After winning my competitions I was able to get
connected to different martial arts clubs in Ontario. Blackbelt magazine covered my story article “from
monastery to tournament floor.” After my visit I went back to India and to back Philippines.
!980 I was sponsored by my martial arts and Yoga students and came back to Canada and immigrated
settled in Vancouver, BC. I started my Wholistic Martial Arts Center teaching Arnis, Yoga, Meditation,

1982 I met Grandmaster/Founder of Modern Arnis in Portland, Oregon at Fred King Karate Kung fu
tournament. Our meeting was the beginning of Modern Arnis and FMA in Canada. I have invited GM
Remy Presas in BC travelled with him learning Modern Arnis and assisting in his Arnis Seminars in West
and Eastcoast Canada and USA. In 1984 I was appointed “Datu” Chief and President of Modern Arnis
Canada. In the 1996 I was appointed to be the Vice Chairman of International Modern Arnis Federation
and Also serve as President of Modern Arnis Philippines.

In August 20, 1986 Students of GM Remy Presas Raymond Velayo and Rolan Dantes formed Arnis
Philippines and in 1987-2019 Arnis Philippines become NSA (National Sports Association recognized by
PSC Philippine Sports Commission and POC Philippine Olympic Committee. GM Remy Presas becomes
VP for Iarnis (International Arnis Federation) Datu Shishir Inocalla become to VP for North America.
Arnis becomes member of OCA (Olympic council of Asia.) included in SEAGAMES.
In Dec. 11, 2009 Arnis was declared the National Martial arts and Sports of the Philippines.

After GM Remy Presas passed away August 28, 2001. In 2003 Datu Shishir was invited to teach Arnis
martial arts in Florida Fitness, martial arts and golf community.

And 2011-2016 Datu Shishir move back to Philippines and started promoting Arnis FMA Unity. To
promote, uplift and unify Arnis Filipino martial arts. And to bring Arnis Sports to Olympics Games.
June 2016 and Sept 2018 FMA unity was held in Ontario. And in 2019 Arnis BC was formed to bring
arnis to PSO (Provintial Sports Organization) and 2021 Arnis Ontario and Arnis Canada was formed to
bring Arnis to Ontario sports and Canada Sports.

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